Should I Buy Resident Evil 7 Biohazard? – Resident Evil 7 Review

Should I Buy Resident Evil 7 Or Not?

This video goes into great detail without spoiling the game on if Resident Evil 7 is a return to form for the grand daddy of the survival horror genre. But if you don’t have time to watch below are my detailed thoughts.


First of all this game is seriously terrifying. If you have PSVR, the effect is even worse…frankly I’m too much of a wuss to even consider playing this game with something over my eyes. Instead I opt to play the game wearing turtle beach headphones and a good old-fashioned controller. Even in that classic environment the game is enough to give you nightmares.

Is RE 7  Worth it ? – REALLY. 

The game is definitely a buy even if it’s not the absolute best in the series. That distinction goes to Resident Evil 4, which is when the game went for a more action based style. This game is still good and I’m only half way through so this might change, but for now I’m just not as immersed as I’d like to be.

Then again there’s no president’s daughter to annoy you here either so there’s a good chance that RE7 could come out top.


Some of the reviews for this game judged it harshly for not being original but if you ask me these days it’s hard to be original when you are the one who started it all in the first place. This may not be Dead Space, but there’s also no current Dead Space IP to play so I’ll take this and enjoy it. RE7 is a good game, point blank.

My verdict? BUY IT. 

Pokemon Sun and Moon Players Have Problems, First World Problems.

Real Pokemon Sun and Moon Problems

Pokemon Sun and Moon is the latest generation of the Pokemon series, and arguably one of the best. With updated graphics, mechanics and even Alolan Pokemon forms this game has evolved the once formulaic franchise. That however does not mean it’s a perfect game.

This video by vlogger Chris Sanders aims to not only poke fun at the many problems facing Sun and Moon trainers but also the issues of those that simply watch the anime or have ever found themselves explaining to their friends that Pokemon Go is not a real Pokemon game.

get in the bag, nebby

Chris has it all covered, from a song about the Get in the Bag, Nebby Meme to the speed and frame rate issues of playing a doubles battle while using the original Nintendo 3DS.  Lillie would be proud of you Chris, damn proud.


Watch Pokemon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop with Mega Rayquaza – Review

Watch Pokemon Generations Episode 9 here and then watch my review!

These Pokemon Generations episodes have taken us far and wide across the Pokemon world but now it looks like we’re about to enter the Pokemon galaxy as this weeks episode features the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza. To make things even more exciting, we’re getting to see it’s mutated form Mega Rayquaza!

The last two shorts have heavily focused on Generation 3, namely Ruby and Sapphire and their corresponding Teams, Team Aqua and Team Magma but now it’s time to focus on the last of the Honen generation, Emerald!

This game does not have a specific team  so this episode should be interesting to say the least. Let’s Get started!

Pokemon Generations Episode 9 Mega Rayquaza

Episode 9: The Scoop Review – Enter Mega Rayquaza

This week kicks off with a bang as Mega Rayquaza sets of satellites and we essentially watch as two reporters that remind me of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen witness a Pokemon battle between Deoxys and Rayquaza. It’s an all out battle better than most seen in this series. The episode as usual features beautiful animation and great music that will get any fan of Pokemon excited. The general criticism is that the show is too short and anytime something exciting happens the web series fades to black. Most YouTubers reacting to this show have been pretty gracious in their response  but for me, I just want more.

Pokemon Generations Episode 9 is not the best we’ve gotten from the Generations series but it’s definitely the most satisfying in regards to battle!  With fantastic music and lore that make draw you in almost to a fault, this is one episode not to be missed!

Need to Catch Up? Watch my Review and Reaction Series Over at YouTube!

Ecchi Anime Review: Why Keijo is More Than Fanservice Anime!

Keijo is an anime that is going to be very divisive. Let’s be honest, this is an Ecchi anime featuring a lot of fanservice where girls fight with their butts in a sports anime setting. But at its core it comes across as a parody piece with tongue in cheek comedy that challenges the modern-day notions of how sexism and degradation should be defined. In the same vein as Kill La Kill, this anime features strong women both physically and mentally.

Ecchi Anime That Empowers

Often ecchi anime and fanservice make women look co-dependent and weak. Other times it’s a commentary on the trends effecting our world. In the world of Keijo,the women take center stage and their abilities extend beyond butt cannons. These women are athletes, these women are smart and yes these women are beautiful but it’s not their looks, curves or butts that define them but rather the content of their character.

ecchi anime keijo image
No Butts About It!

I totally understand your hesitation towards watching Keijo, but take a chance and watch with an open mind. What you find will not only surprise you but also give you a true sense of excitement that other anime have failed to provide in years, and believe it or not, none of that has anything to do with the booty.

Video Game Delays in 2016: Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2020?

Video Games get delayed every single year but with Kingdom Hearts 3 being pushed back because Square Enix is choosing to re-tool the engine that runs both Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and the latest Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XV, it’s starting to get ridiculous.

Rumors are popping up that the long-awaited game won’t reach gamers until year 2020.

Watch the video for more:

Video Game Delays in 2016 and Kingdom Hearts in 2020 Video:

Small YouTube Movie Critic Cyber Bullied By Big YouTube Critics [Video]

feud nation

The video posted below is by YouTuber Adam Olinger, Creator of the mildly popular YouTube channel Feud Nation where he reviews movies. His channel has a distinct charm but he’s still one of the small guys when it comes to online movie reviews.

Recently Adam has been cyber bullied by those in the top-tier. I won’t name names but from the looks of the video Adam is not without support. Adam’s video details how the drama started and it’s quite a fascinating watch. It truly speaks to how crazy the YouTube community has become and how dangerous cyber bullying can be.

Be sure to watch the video in entirety because missing even a single detail of this story will ruin the lesson it aims to teach on how it feels to by cyber bullied by your peers.

How You Can Support Adam

I for one stand behind Adam. As a supporter of online movie critics and self-absorbed white males every where, this is a cause I do not take lightly. Frankly, I hope after viewing this video you do as I did and subscribe to Adam’s channel. After the abuse he has bravely endured, I think Adam is entitled to some good fortune.


How To Be Super Confident – A Motivational Video for Shy People

If you are shy but would like to also be super confident, this motivational video on how to be confident will help you!

How To Be Super Confident Around People

Let’s be real, having confidence is one of those things that people claim is easy but can be quite terrifying. Some people have extreme social anxiety and others just don’t like socializing. The key to unlocking your ability to be confident around people is trial and error. The more you do it, the less you fear rejection and the better you become.

Getting over the initial fear is also difficult but once you realize that socializing, even awkwardly, won’t kill you, it gets easier. It’s also great to note that most people, believe it or not, want to see you succeed. This becomes more apparent once you get out of high school so if this is you, be patient. (Also if you are in High School and think it sucks…you are not alone.)

Build Your Confidence

At the end of the day only you can save you from low self-confidence. You have to believe in yourself, arm yourself with tools that will make you more interesting, charming or any other self affirming adjective and you will be well on your way to a better you!


Also watch WATAMOTE. It’s an anime that will leave you feeling much better about your situation.

Hugh Jackman Looks Older Story is Stupid

There’s a trending story about Hugh Jackman, the actor that has played Wolverine in the X-Men movies and the upcoming Old Man Logan movie aka Wolverine 3, looking drastically older than he did a few months ago and I want to talk about how stupid this all is.

The Picture in Question:
hugh jackman old

Does Hugh Jackman Look Old?

First of all the picture is grainy, shot in a poorly lit room and we have no idea what condition he’s in. Was he sleep deprived? Was he hung over? Were shadows cast in just the right places to make him look older? We just don’t know! But for people to turn this into a story is just ridiculous.

old man chris sanders

I’m in my early 30’s and if you watch my YouTube videos there are random frames were I look like i’m in my late 40’s due to a number of factors…but if you look at a video a few days later I look young again.

od man logan

He’s just an Old Man Logan

Everyone needs to lay off Jack and just accept that we are all human and people don’t age in a matter of days. There is some speculation that he’s wearing make-up for his Old Man Logan movie role, frankly if that’s the answer then i’m kind of disappointed because he’s missing the signature scar-like forehead wrinkles that Logan sports in his later years.

Ignore the Bad Suicide Squad Reviews

Bad Suicide Squad Reviews

Let’s talk about Suicide Squad, the 2016 superhero action film that critics love to hate. I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that I saw this movie two days ago and I can’t recommend it more. The bad Suicide Squad reviews are nothing more than so-called film experts forgetting the core ingredient of what makes a film successful, a three-letter word we seem so afraid of in this day and age, FUN. The movie isn’t great but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

That’s right Suicide Squad is not an amazing movie but it is a fun piece of cinema that excites and titillates. The performances are spot on, the action is jaw dropping and the execution of most of the crucial elements is nothing short of amazing. Where the film falters is the same for almost every summer action flick.  The usual suspects here are story pacing and character juggling. The film has too much story and too many characters. It knows where it wants to focus and does a good job in that view-point but some characters suffer as a result.

El Diablo From Sucide Squad Movie

Why Suicide Squad Is Not a Bad Movie

For instance the movie does a great job of fleshing out El Diablo, the only truly impressive meta-human of the group. He has a tragic back story that stays mostly faithful to the comic. His arc is handled quite well and the movie would be better if they did that with every character. The place where the movie totally drops the ball is the main villain. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you but her treatment is certainly a low point. Also the CGI is absolutely terrible and hard to watch. It reminds me of 2015’s Fantastic Four in terms of a big budget movie having low budget special effects.

Despite these flaws, I still feel like the movie gets a lot right and thus does not deserve the treatment it is getting in the press. Every time I read about how much of a mess this movie is, I’m reminded that FAR worse movies (all of the Michael Bay Transformer films) exist. I am reminded of the awesome chemistry between the cast and the the smile that appeared on my face as I gleefully jumped up in my seat each time Will Smith was on the screen.

Every one is entitled to opinions and it’s important to consider going into every movie with an open mind. It’s also important to note that movie reviewers look for different things than the rest of us do. They look for cinematography, direction, lighting and a lot of important elements of film making that can bring a perfectly good movie’s score down.

For me, I just want something fun that gets my favorite comic characters right and tells an entertaining story in a fashion that I can follow.  In my humble opinion Suicide Squad accomplished that in spades.

Pokemon Go is a Pokemon Scam Following Update

Why Pokemon Go is a Scam

Pokemon Go recently decided to release an update to the mobile game in which it removed some broken features, updated others and improved the UI slightly. All in all it was your standard update until you start playing and realize that it’s now become significantly harder to play. Before the update I noticed that the higher I rose in rank, the more Pokemon would escape from balls, which made sense because I was encountering more challenging monsters with Combat Power in the triple digits.

Where it became problematic was when the same thing was happening with Pokemon at level 10 and 60. Technically speaking as I get stronger, these weaker Pokemon should not be a challenge but they are, and after this update they are even harder resulting in the need to buy more Pokeballs in order to be prepared for a rare Pokemon that might pop up. In addition to all of this, as you grow in rank free Pokeballs that you get from Pokestops populate WAY less often. Coincidence? Don’t make me laugh.

Watch the video version of this article:

How to Fix Pokemon Go on the next Update

You have to commend the programmers for both being smart and dumb at the same time. It’s genius to get us to spend money this way but also dumb because they have so many ways to get us to take out our wallets that won’t insight nerd rage. It makes more sense to me that STRONG Pokemon would escape, not Pokemon at levels I used to catch casually. How about making the rare Pokemon more challenging or just have more rare Pokemon pop up more regularly giving us something waste balls on that not only makes sense but fulfills the need to “catch them all”. There are almost 1,000 Pokemon at this point, you have no real excuses.

Making low level Pokemon stronger is not the way to repay the people that made this game a hit.