Is Dragon Ball Super a Good Anime, Yet? – Anime Review

TL;DR?: Watch the Video Version

When Dragon Ball Super was announced I was beyond hyped. Having grown up with both Dragon Ball and DBZ I had HUGE expectations. Coming hot of the heels of a second theatrical movie release Dragon Ball Super started some what with a lackluster bang. The first set of episodes featured beautiful animation, a killer theme song and no fighting. Instead we got to find out what our heroes had been up to since the Buu saga and aside from a few laughs it was kind of boring. I was annoyed but I gave the series the benefit of the doubt. They are world building…we have to let them build a setting to get everyone back in the fight, but turns out all that building was just leading us into retreading the last 2 movies with a few minor changes. Having already seen the movies I was pretty bored watching these episodes as well. Leading me to ask, is Dragon Ball Super a Good Anime?


Giving up on Dragon Ball Super?

I was thinking about giving up on the show because frankly, while it looks good, it’s kind of awkward most of the time. It also spends a lot more time focusing on an off kilter humor that Dragon Ball Z wasn’t known for. On top of that it spent a strange amount of time on character development for characters that didn’t have any before, like Goku. I mean character development is good but it just feels weird to be doing it so late in the game. Dragon Ball (the original) did a great job with this but by the time the show became Dragon Ball Z much of that was thrown out the window.

dragon ball super season 1

Needless to say, Dragon Ball Super wasn’t the show I expected. Still, I held out hope because someone had leaked info about the next arc and it wasn’t something I already saw and it apparently featured fighting. I dug in and while the show still retained the weird pace, the odd humor and the development it was starting to feel exciting. It was starting to feel like something I wanted to watch vs something I was obligated to watch. Each week, as the fights continued i grew more and more invested until the show hit a fourth arc that is easily one of the best things I’ve seen in years and it’s still happening?

VERDICT: Is Dragon Ball Super a Good Anime?

So as a whole is DBS a great show? NO WAY. But is it finally gaining ground? Yeah and it’s about time. With Black Goku, Future Trunks, Fights and a growing Dragon Ball Universe that allows for Goku to be beaten I have to say I’m starting to really get into this show. If you’re going to watch this show, enjoy with a grain of salt and maybe skip over the first two arcs and watch the movies, then skip over the first 3 episodes of the next arc and you’ll be in a good place to enjoy a series that’s finally figured out what it’s audience wanted all along. What do you guys think of Dragon Ball Super? Is good, is it bad or am I just over thinking things?

New Ghostbusters Cartoon Coming in 2018 Already Better than 2016 Movie -Opinion

Looks like there’s going to be a new Ghostbusters cartoon coming in 2018. Currently titled Ghostbusters Ecto Force, the new film aims to send the Ghostbusters into future as it takes place in 2050. It features an all new team that will be taking the Ghostbusters on tour as this series will take place around the world so the busters can team up with other Ghostbusting teams. My analysis can be seen below and by analysis I mean pure speculation since details are paper thin. Enjoy!

New Ghostbusters Cartoon vs Movie

In my opinion this concept already sounds better than what we’re getting with this new movie. It’s staying true to the Ghostbusters mythos rather than erasing it with a reboot. The Real Ghostbusters cartoon was an important part of my childhood and The Extreme Ghostbusters helped usher me into manhood. I can only hope that Ghostbusters Ecto Force helps me deal with the stress of mortgages, balding and an oncoming midlife crisis. DANG KIDS. GET OFF MY LAWN….AND LEAVE MY ECTO COOLER ALONE!

About Ghostbusters Ecto Force

What was I talking about? Oh yes, Ghostbusters Ecto Force… as a bonus it’s being produced by the same team that brought us the Ghostbusters in the first place. As long as they treat it with the love and care that the rest of the series iterations have been provided I’m not sure where they go wrong. Let’ just hope the ill-fated 2016 movie doesn’t bomb so hard that the backers of this project don’t go running for the hills leaving the project in limbo. (No pun intended.)

What’s one thing from the Ghostbuster Franchise you want to see carried over into this new cartoon? I’m hoping for Melissa McCarthy! Who’s with me? Okay…Fine just get me more of that sweet sweet Ecto Cooler.


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