Hugh Jackman Looks Older Story is Stupid

There’s a trending story about Hugh Jackman, the actor that has played Wolverine in the X-Men movies and the upcoming Old Man Logan movie aka Wolverine 3, looking drastically older than he did a few months ago and I want to talk about how stupid this all is.

The Picture in Question:
hugh jackman old

Does Hugh Jackman Look Old?

First of all the picture is grainy, shot in a poorly lit room and we have no idea what condition he’s in. Was he sleep deprived? Was he hung over? Were shadows cast in just the right places to make him look older? We just don’t know! But for people to turn this into a story is just ridiculous.

old man chris sanders

I’m in my early 30’s and if you watch my YouTube videos there are random frames were I look like i’m in my late 40’s due to a number of factors…but if you look at a video a few days later I look young again.

od man logan

He’s just an Old Man Logan

Everyone needs to lay off Jack and just accept that we are all human and people don’t age in a matter of days. There is some speculation that he’s wearing make-up for his Old Man Logan movie role, frankly if that’s the answer then i’m kind of disappointed because he’s missing the signature scar-like forehead wrinkles that Logan sports in his later years.

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