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When I saw trailers for the new Netflix Voltron I initially wrote it off as Netflix trying to cash in on my nostalgia. Having seen all the other Voltron series and never being blown away I chose to ignore the show until a friend of mine would not shut up about it.

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What the New Netflix Voltron Gets Right

Voltron: Legendary Defender does a lot of things to perfection! The characters were lovable, the tension was strong, the designs were beautiful yet familiar and it was actually really funny. I dug that in the first round of episodes we got to see our pilots struggle as a team and eventually succeed. As the show continued unexpected twists popped up and the mystery around what happened to our black lion pilot grew more interesting but the one thing that never changed was my love for the show. In fact if anything it only grew larger and now that I’ve finished all I want is MORE.

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How to Reboot a Cartoon in 2016

I tried comparing this series to it’s other iterations, none of which are bad but it was more topical to compare it to other modern day reboots such as Power Puff Girls and I can’t help but be reminded how much the PPG team screwed up. Voltron 2016 shows you how to do a reboot, track new ground and respect your past. Take notes because class is in session and a giant fighting lion bot is your teacher!

If you can’t do your cartoon reboot like this, then don’t do it. Seriously. Don’t.  Are you there? Stop ignoring me! 

Have you guys seen the new Netflix Voltron Legendary Defender series? What’s your opinion and lastly what’s your favorite Voltron team? If you say Legendary Defender, you already lose.


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