Small YouTube Movie Critic Cyber Bullied By Big YouTube Critics [Video]

feud nation

The video posted below is by YouTuber Adam Olinger, Creator of the mildly popular YouTube channel Feud Nation where he reviews movies. His channel has a distinct charm but he’s still one of the small guys when it comes to online movie reviews.

Recently Adam has been cyber bullied by those in the top-tier. I won’t name names but from the looks of the video Adam is not without support. Adam’s video details how the drama started and it’s quite a fascinating watch. It truly speaks to how crazy the YouTube community has become and how dangerous cyber bullying can be.

Be sure to watch the video in entirety because missing even a single detail of this story will ruin the lesson it aims to teach on how it feels to by cyber bullied by your peers.

How You Can Support Adam

I for one stand behind Adam. As a supporter of online movie critics and self-absorbed white males every where, this is a cause I do not take lightly. Frankly, I hope after viewing this video you do as I did and subscribe to Adam’s channel. After the abuse he has bravely endured, I think Adam is entitled to some good fortune.


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One thought to “Small YouTube Movie Critic Cyber Bullied By Big YouTube Critics [Video]”

  1. TLDR. His video was funny for the first 2-3 minutes but 10 minutes was overkill for that bit IMO. And he came across kind of smug to me. I haven’t watched any of his other videos but he seems like he might be one of those guys that pretends to not be conceited but actually is. I’m probably wrong though.

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