Ecchi Anime Review: Why Keijo is More Than Fanservice Anime!

Keijo is an anime that is going to be very divisive. Let’s be honest, this is an Ecchi anime featuring a lot of fanservice where girls fight with their butts in a sports anime setting. But at its core it comes across as a parody piece with tongue in cheek comedy that challenges the modern-day notions of how sexism and degradation should be defined. In the same vein as Kill La Kill, this anime features strong women both physically and mentally.

Ecchi Anime That Empowers

Often ecchi anime and fanservice make women look co-dependent and weak. Other times it’s a commentary on the trends effecting our world. In the world of Keijo,the women take center stage and their abilities extend beyond butt cannons. These women are athletes, these women are smart and yes these women are beautiful but it’s not their looks, curves or butts that define them but rather the content of their character.

ecchi anime keijo image
No Butts About It!

I totally understand your hesitation towards watching Keijo, but take a chance and watch with an open mind. What you find will not only surprise you but also give you a true sense of excitement that other anime have failed to provide in years, and believe it or not, none of that has anything to do with the booty.