What is Nerd Culture? – Welcome to My Nerd Geek Culture Blog

So,What is Nerd Culture?

Nerd Culture, like geek culture is a way of life and choice of social and entertainment values by those that self identify as both nerds and geeks in the modern era.

This blog aims to satisfy and relate to those individuals by highlighting media within the realms while simultaneously promoting discussion and the spread of ideals to empower the nerd and geek cultures respectively.


Why You Will Love Nerd Geek Culture

If you love, memes, cosplay, video games, reviews, movies, tv-shows, pokemon, anime, cartoons, furry empowerment, comics, science, poor grammar, opinions and thoughtful conversational discussion…That’s all we do! And by we I mean me, but saying we makes me feel fancy. 

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I understand you because I am you and that’s why Nerd Geek Culture(NGC) exists. To find those that relate to the struggles and triumphs of being a nerd. On top of this nerd blog, I make motivational videos and opinionated content that aims to help those that weren’t always considered cool or popular. If that’s you, welcome to NGC!

NGC is the often neglected brain child of YouTuber Chris Sanders known as Csandreas, the creator of Nerd Motivation and Anime Debate on YouTube.

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